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Would you like a Commission made? Check out the Commission Guidelines below!


I would be glad to discuss doing a commission for you. Most of my clients provide photographs to work from, and some just give me a basic idea (I’d like a painting of a hippo.) I had one client show me an image, and she told me to do my interpretation of that image. I reserve the right to use as much or as little of these suggestions as I see fit and will discuss these options with you. I like having happy clients.

I am willing to do portrait commissions. You would need to send me several photographs of the person I’ll be painting and be able to provide some background on the person as well. Please let me know if you want the photos returned along with the finished portrait. Please contact me, and we can discuss this if it’s something you are interested in. I have little interest in doing a family portrait at this time. The price for such a painting would be astronomically more than I have listed above. For any commissioned piece, I require payment in advance since it is usually a specialty item.


Most of my paintings are done in oil on canvas or linen, and that takes time to dry before it can be varnished, and then it takes time to dry before it can be shipped.  If you need it faster, I can work in acrylics.
I can work in almost any size although I have no interest in murals at this point.


Prices are adjusted according to how complicated the subject matter is. Diptychs (2 panel) and triptychs (3 panel) are calculated using the sizes and prices below per panel.  

All payment will be made in advance in US funds. The following forms of payment are available:

Cash, credit card, check (personal or bank), PayPal, money order, or bank transfer. For a bank transfer, you will be required to pay the transfer charge (usually $20-25 US).

The payment instructions will be finalized with the commission contract.

Approximate Prices :

Inches1 person2 people3 people


I do not ordinarily work under a deadline. Pieces will be finished when they are finished. However, if you are commissioning a piece as a gift for someone and want it by a certain date, I am willing to discuss terms and price.


After the commissioned work is completed, you will be notified as to the cost of shipping options. I recommend Federal Express 2nd Day and will require that your package be insured for the FULL VALUE of the artwork. It will also be shipped with a signature required, and we will notify you when it ships and when to expect it to arrive. 

Please remember that Federal Express cannot ship to a PO Box address and that all carriers may have restrictions for international orders.

International clients must be prepared to pay any additional taxes or fees that may be incurred importing artwork. Please check with your local postal authority.


Please note that I reserve all rights to reproduce commissioned works in all media and to borrow them for public exhibition. I would only exercise the latter right in the case of a major exhibition/retrospective at a museum or similar venue. I do not borrow pieces from client’s private collections for gallery shows.

Please also note that a commissioned work is for private exhibition only and may not be used for commercial purposes or reproduced in any media without my prior approval. Loaning a commissioned work for public exhibition is acceptable so long as I am informed in advance and approve of the venue.

If a commission is sold at a later date, I must be notified in advance of the sale and reserve the right to receive 25% of the total price paid with all rights and responsibilities as above transferred to the new owner.