Painting at Punalu’u Bakery

The holiday weekend is coming up and I plan on spending it at the Punalu’u Bakery painting. Here is a picture from when I first started there a couple of months ago.
My set-up has changed considerably since I started painting here. I will take a picture of what I do now for comparison! Please check out the link to the bakery. This is a lovely place. Good food, good treats, great gift shop, and a fabulous botanical garden as well. I am so lucky! One of my customers sent the second picture to me today and I had to add it to the post. Thank you so much Peter!


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  1. Hi Megan! I finally have read your wtseibe! (can you say procrastinator!!!)It’s wonderful! You have a gift for expressing yourself and portraying the world you are living in. You also have a gift of people’ putting them at ease/challenging them all at the same time!Look forward to keeping up with your life there.God bless and keep you.Love in Christ,Suep.s. We had our first dinner for 8 last Friday! It will be another good group, I think ; )

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